EC Chairman's house splashed with paint

Charles Ramendran (The Sun)

KUALA LUMPUR (March 6, 2008): Vandals splashed red paint on the house of Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman in Bangsar early today in what is believed to be an act of protest against the scraping of the use of indelible ink in tomorrow’s elections.
The red paint, believed to be from three cans, stained the porch, main gate, front pillars and a car parked in Abdul Rashid’s Lorong Bukit Pantai 7 house.
City CPO Deputy Comm Muhammad Sabtu Osman who visited the scene early today said a security guard stationed in a neighbouring house had spotted a car with three men in it, stopping opposite Abdul Rashid’s house about 12.30am.
On seeing one of the men stepped out of the car and throw something into the house, the guard shouted and the men sped off.
Mohammad Sabtu said Abdul Rashid who had returned home late, went to sleep and only discovered what had happened at about 7.30am today.
He said police recovered three empty cans dumped nearby by the vandals and have sent them to their forensics unit to look for thumbprints on them.
Police are investigating the case as criminal intimidation and committing mischief.
Commenting on the incident, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abul Razak described it as an act of hooliganism which cannot be tolerated.
Abdul Rashid, when met in his house, described the vandal/s as “no-brainers”, saying the incident will not stop him from carrying out his duties as EC chairman.
“I am a peace-loving person and everywhere I go people greet me. If this is some sort of warning to me, then I am not afraid.These are naughty fellows with little brains who just succumb to their emotions.” he said.
Agreeing that the incident could be due to the EC’s decision to scrap the use of the indelible ink, Abdul Rashid said the decision was made in the best interest of the people.
“There are certain quarters making all sorts of allegations when they have actually failed to understand the situation. They say the EC is taking sides and cheating takes place in polling stations,” he told theSun.
“This is impossible and can never happen but these people keep accusing us but they have no proof to show of such things,” he said, explaining again the EC’s rationale to scrap the use of the ink this election.
In another similar incident, the DAP operations centre in Taman Kinrara was also paint-splattered after a plastic bag of red paint was thrown over the balcony today.
Incumbent Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, who is also contesting the Kinrara state seat, said she suspected the motive behind the attack to be jealousy arising grom the massive turnout at a DAP ceramah last night.
” I suspect this was carried out by Barisan National supporters. I think it was because we had a ceramah with a big turnout which caused a massive traffic jam. So it’s an act of frustration, an act of jealousy. This is what I suspect. This is why they did it last night” she alleged.