The Propaganda Paper's idea of fair election coverage

Malaysian Media Monitors’ Diary
6 March 2008

A quick random survey of election coverage in the pages of The Star (main section) for Thursday, 6 March revealed the following breakdown:
* 31 pro-BN articles
* 1 pro-BN commentary (V.K. Chin)
* 1 pro-BN letter to editor
* 4 BN full-page advertisements
* 3 reports on the Opposition (including one reporting heart attack of DAP official)
* 2 neutral reports (1 on armed forces postal voting and 1 on return of Kelantanese)
Interesting to note that of the 31 pro-BN articles, 7 have anti-Anwar headlines.
Also interesting to note that Najib features in only one of the 31 pro-BN articles and that is on p.12.