Eligible voters urged to exercise right

NST: 7 March 2008
PEKAN: Every vote means a lot to Datuk Seri Najib Razak. The deputy prime minister said although the Chinese and Indians were considered minorities in his Pekan constituency, every one of them mattered.
“Give your 100 per cent support to Barisan Nasional and we will continue to take care of you,” said Najib, who took time to visit the BN component parties’ headquarters in Pekan yesterday.
“It was because of your support that I hold a very high position in the government. I can use this position to help all of you.”
“It was this power that inspired me to get you a RM2.9 million allocation to upgrade the Chinese school in Pekan.
“It was this power that helped me provide all of you flood aid and there is more to come,” said Najib.
The opposition, he said, could not do anything for Pekan people and each vote for the BN would provide the ruling coalition with another term to make a difference and bring about development.
“I have no doubt that the Chinese and Indians are behind BN but you have to make sure that all the eligible voters come out and vote on Saturday.
“Even if a voter is unable to stand in queue, we will bring a chair for him and carry him around until he is done with the voting process,” said Najib.
Najib said although he was ready to provide financial aid to families affected by the floods right away, his doing so would provoke gossip and accusations of vote-buying.
“The money will come to you as soon as the election is over. It is not an issue at all. We are always here for you,” he said.