DAP accuses BN of playing fear tactic

A new array of weapons have appeared mysteriously in Penang, aimed at shooting down the onslaught of DAP, in the form banners warning the voters that they risk losing a Chinese chief minister if the vote for the opposition party.

About 2,000 banners were put up overnight yesterday around the town of Bagan, the parliamentary constituency where DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng is expected to win.
dap fear tactic pc 070308 bannerThe banners are easily spotted along the roads when Malaysiakini visited the area this afternoon but unlike other campaigning materials, there was no party logo printed on them.
In a press conference this afternoon, Lim condemned the act as an attempt of fear tactics and said he has reasons to believe that the BN was behind the act.
I suspect they are done by BN supporters because only they have the financial resources to do so and put up 2,000 banners overnight, he said.
Apart from that, the DAP leader also revealed another ‘fear tactic’ where voters in Bagan have received five-page anonymous leaflets last night telling them voting for opposition would cause the Chinese to lag behind.
dap fear tactic pc 070308 pcOne of the leaflets ‘explained’ that this is because the Chinese community’s rights will be taken away when Umno has more say over the Chinese-based BN component parties.
It also attached a newspaper cutting which quoted DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang as praising PAS is just and democratic.
Meanwhile, another billboard was enacted at Paya Terubong on the island, stating that Voting DAP is voting for PAS and theocratic Islamic state.
Given the majority of Penangites sentiment to keep a chief minister from the Chinese community, BN leaders have repeatedly warned voters they may lose a Chinese chief minister if they vote for the opposition.

BN under pressures in 10 seats

BN chairperson Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was the latest to issue that warning when he told a gathering on Wednesday night that the Chinese community suffers every time when DAP wins big in the general election.
Other BN leaders have gone on a campaign to tell the voters should they vote for the oppositions, it will weaken the Chinese community representation by MCA and Gerakan in the government.
On the other hand, the opposition have argued that voting for the two Chinese-based ruling parties will help to strengthen Umnos dominance in the state.
The BNs fear of a DAP advance in the state is evident in the wake of an admission by the outgoing Penang Chief Minister and Gerakan acting president Dr Koh Tsu Koon today that the BN was facing tremendous pressure  from the opposition in 10 state seats in Penang.
This also correlated with the prediction that the opposition will take up eight more new state seats in this election, in addition to two they are holding at present.
If these projections are realised, MCA will be the biggest loser as its candidates are contesting in five of the black seats for the BN, compared to Gerakan (two), MIC (two) and Umno (one).
In the opposition ranks, the biggest gainer will be DAP (contesting in eight), PKR (one) and PAS (one).
Even if they win the 10 seats, the opposition parties will still fall short of denying BN a two-thirds majority, let alone meeting their target of forming the next state government – the twin objectives of their campaign.
The arrival of phantom voters? 
Meanwhile, PKR president and Permatang Pauh candidate Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has expressed her concern over buses ferrying BN supporters into her constituency last night.
pkr manifesto launch pc 260208 wan azizahAccording to her, about 10 buses have accompanied Abdullah at a function in Penanti, one of the three state seats under Permatang Pauh last night.
She questioned the timing of the buses coming in at this juncture as they could be phantom voters, referring to individuals who are not eligible to vote but posing as voters.
We cant discount the fact on that as we dont know whether they are still here or they have left, Wan Azizah said when contacted this afternoon.
An eyewitness put the figure of the buses between seven and eight, and claimed the passengers appeared to be outsiders.
Two-term MP Wan Azizah retained the Permatang Pauh seat in the last election by a slim 590-majority votes.
She is expected to retain the seat as she may continue to gain sympathy votes from women voters who make up 51 percent of the electorate in Permatang Pauh. The ground sentiment also favours her.
However, she will have to contend with the increase of some 4,000 new voters. In the run-up to the polls, she has complained about thousands of suspicious voters without complete address.