Day: March 13, 2008

When to file poll complaints

March 13, 2008 PUTRAJAYA: Election petitions should be filed at the High Court within 21 days after the election results are gazetted, said Election Commission secretary Datuk Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor.

The perils of modernity

THE ECONOMIST: Mar 13th 2008 The government’s cyber-enthusiasm comes back to haunt it ON MARCH 8th, Malaysia’s electoral upset unfolded at glacial pace on government-owned television channels. As the approved pundits stumbled to grasp the stunning implications, some 500,000 Malaysians lost patience, and turned to

Do S'pore bloggers have same dream?

By Liew Hanqing (Electric New Paper, Singapore) March 13, 2008 THEY were netizens who emerged from the online wilderness to make a political impact in the real world.

Was this the election made on the Internet?

NST (Comment) By Koh Lay Chin 12 March, 2008 THEY are calling it a political tsunami; a watershed election; a wave of change. On Sunday, Malaysians woke up to news that took their breath away — that the mighty Barisan Nasional was not so mighty

Grace In Defeat

12 March 2008 ( It was surprising to see a mess in the state secretary office of Selangor that was covered by shredded or torn documents and photos.

Cyberspace is now the new frontline

NST (Comment) By Lee Siew Lian 12 March, 2008 ON Saturday night, as he flew over the Indian subcontinent, a Malaysia Airlines pilot asked for the regular update on weather conditions at home. What he received from Malaysian air traffic control included unexpected news —