Elections Fair And Clean, Says EC

Sin Chew Daily: 14 March 2008
PUTRAJAYA, MALAYSIA: Election Commission (EC) deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar said the result of 12th general election showed that EC was fair and transparent.
“Opposition parties criticized that it is lack of transparency, fairness and efficiency in EC previously, and they said there were dead-voters. It is very obvious now, the fact has denied the unfair criticisms on EC,” Wan Ahmad told Sin Chew Daily in a phone interview.
He believed that the unfairness, less transparency and dead voters would not be the issues which used by opposition parties to criticize EC in the future.
“Political parties should know that EC is fair and transparent, people has their rights to elect their favourite parties,” he continued.
“We do not concern about who won and who lost, more importantly, we ensure the election procedure is fair, free, transparent and smooth. Finally, it has been proved,” he added.
He said EC always emphasize on the fairness and transparency, it could be proved from the Kelantan government which was governed by PAS for the past 18 years.