Parliament: Nazri on Indelible Ink

Fong Po Kuan (22 May 2008)

I tried but failed. None wants to take responsibility for cancelling the decision to use the indelible ink, four days before the recent general election.
This evening, a few opposition MPs tried hard to find out more about this issue when Datuk Seri Nazri was replying on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Department but we were more confused after hearing Datuk Seri Nazri replies. In fact, I found more inconsistencies.
Nazri blamed it on Election Commission (EC). Also, Nazri kept repeating the “concern” of the Cabinet and stressed that the Cabinet wanted to ensure that none would be denied the right to vote under Art. 119 of the Federal Constitution. He did not deliberate much on the police reports lodged related to “smuggling of ink.” (I will put up the complete details when the Hansard is ready.)
Something is fishy. I felt Nazri was like ” go find out from EC la!” . Isn’t this EC under the PM’s Department and all this while Nazri has no problem in answering question raised related to EC?
I did try to find out the whereabout of the indelible ink which cost our money RM 2.4 million. Although I did raise it during my debate, he did not reply and insisted that I ask next time. He did not finish replying , perhaps because of time factor and requested that the remaining reply be forwarded to the respective MPs in writing.
This is just not right!. The Parliament sat till midnight yesterday. I was there to “guard” this Department. Further this is the most important Department and most of us expected interesting questioning and answering on important issues ie corruption, Election Commission, Lingam Tape and etc.
We should not let this issue just die off here. We need to pursue this matter.
Pak Lah, be accountable and transparent. Pak Lah, you need to come to Parliament and tell us the truth about this matter.