Day: May 26, 2008

Automatic Voter Registration A More Viable Solution

Media Statement by DAP Member of Parliament for Bukit Bendera, Liew Chin Tong, on 26 May 2008 in Parliament House, Kuala Lumpur: While it is heartening to hear that the Election Commission is finally concerned about the integrity of the electoral roll, its proposed solution

Be prepared for snap polls, officers told

The Star: May 26, 2008 PUTRAJAYA: The Election Commission (EC) has informed its officers to be prepared for a snap election, said chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman.

EC wants fresh voter roll

THE STAR: May 26, 2008 PUTRAJAYA: The Election Commission wants a fresh voter roll and this will involve the re-registration of the 10.9 million Malaysians who are already registered as voters.