New voters' list? Fix the illegal immigrants first!

26 May 2008

The Election Commission wants a fresh voter roll by getting the 10.9 million Malaysians who are already registered as voters to re-register themselves.
The idea came came from the indelible ink flip-flop, EC chairman Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman. He is the same man who has informed his officers to be prepared for a snap election should the March 8 results be surpassed by political upheavals.
As the registration of voters is relying solely on each qualified citizen’s identity card (IC), the ghost of “Project IC” in Sabah must first be exorcised and put to rest.
Currently, Umno manages to hold on to ruling the country because of the support of Sabahan MPs elected under the shrouded cast of “Project IC” hitherto unresoled.
Read Anifah Aman for context on the illegal immigrants in Sabah.
INK AGAIN? And talk of the (indelible) ink, Star editor M. Veera Pandiyan has this description for its eye-veiling effect:
THE octopus is a master of deception. Because of its lack of a backbone, the cephalopod can squeeze into any tight spot when cornered. It can assume any position it wants, thanks to all the suckers.
It can also change its shape or colour at will, but the octopus’ most prominent trick is its amazing ability to squirt clouds of concentrated ink to obscure the scene when faced with danger.
This is no National Geographic documentaries but realpolitik in Malaysia. But I amnot suggesting that Rashid is spitting ink to deceive the unassuming prey.
THAMBY CHIK AGAIN? And talk of ghost, former Malacca chief minister Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik seems to have forgotten the ghost that haunts his political fate some 15 years ago.
He is now offering himself as a candidate for the post of Umno vice-president in the party elections at the end of the year.