No Local Council Elections in Selangor under PR

Charles Hector, June 20
That is the end of the call for “Local Council Elections” as far as Pakatan Rakyat’s Selangor is concerned. Local Councilors are going to be appointed – yes appointed.
And, they all will have to undergo probation — and if they pass muster, according to the Selangor government’s standards, then they will be given 3-year contract.
“…”The councillors will all undergo a one-year probation period and if they prove that they are good with what they do, we will extend their contract to three years,” said Khalid….” (Malaysiakini, 19/6/2008, S’gor local councillors list finally ready [])
June 2008 – Appointed
June 2009 – End of Probation – Confirmed
June 2012 – End of 3-year contract..
So, when are we going to have our Local Council Elections…
General Elections – 2008
Next General Elections – 2012 – but definitely before mid-March 2013.
So, when are we going to have our Local Council Elections…
PROBATION – What nonsence? So, does that mean that those who do not “kow-tow” will not be ‘confirmed’.
The Malaysiakini report interestingly do not say anything about any Local Council Elections…
I would have expected at the very worse, a short-term 6 months – 1 year appointment, just to give time to get ready for Local Council Elections
Sad, it is that some of those who were strong advocates for local council elections are now silent when in government…
It has been rumored that many from the Human Rights, Women Rights, Environment, Disabled Groups, …civil society would be appointed —- hence we may not hear that demand from civil society (at least not in the same LOUDNESS) about Local Council Elections…Alas, they may be compromised…and the call for local council elections dies away…