KT Education Ministry gives forgotten group the sack

By SK English Team
Even as the Umno-led Barisan Nasional pumps out election goodies and lures worth hundreds of millions of ringgit to voters in Kuala Terengganu, some 119 low-grade school workers in the coastal town – mainly gardeners and security guards – have been ruthlessly shown the door.

The group of affected workers from several schools in the area have served for more than twenty years. They lost their jobs after the Education Ministry decided to privatise cleaning and security services at schools.
Said Terengganu Cuepacs chairman Azih Muda:  “Most of them are breadwinners. And they will find it difficult to look for alternative jobs, especially during this period.”
“We appeal to the Government to reabsorb them on a full-time basis, as many have school-going children and loans to service.” Azih added.
The ministry had issued letters of termination last week after verbally telling the workers their contracts would not be renewed upon expiry on Dec 31.