Wah, ang pow time already, ah, Shabery?

Haris Ibrahim
and handed over to you, a journalist covering the Kuala Terengganu by-election, by an officer from the Ministry of Information, asked to acknowledge receipt of the same, but not told what the money is for.

That’s what happened today to several journalists at the media centre set up by the Ministry of Information for journalists covering the by-election.
Two of them received 6 RM50 notes in the envelope handed to them at about 3.50pm this afternoon.
both of Merdekareview.com, didn’t think this was right and decided to lodge police reports.
Zorro, Gus and I accompanied them to the police station to lodge their police reports.
Wei See flashing the dough whilst Shaua Fei writes up her report
At the time of writing up this post, I am informed that the investigating officer has requested that they attend at the police station to give their statements. They will be accompanied by another lawyer.