Ada apa dengan KT By Election??

K. Shan
UMNO once again fail to understand their defeat in KT.The arrogance and lord like behavior continue to be reflected even after the results were slapped on their face.Once again, UMNO stooges start to blame each other on sabotage and not working hard enough as the cause of defeat.They once again look inward to the party function and structural issues and not at themselves as the government that is ruling this nation.

The Malaysian politics is simple..its either the people vote for the government or against it.Once again it is UMNO and BN to be blamed since they always portray BN as the government merely collecting its already assumed fresh mandate from the people.
For the record.The defeat suffered by UMNO got nothing to do with the leadership personality or their skills as election directors or politicians.Be it Pak Lah, Najib or even Muhyiddin, its nothing got to do with who is leading the UMNO/BN election charge.
It is about the govt that is ruling and the policies and behavior of its machinery that is simply corrupt,partial, oppressive that serves the political masters rather then the people. Its about time that BN accept that their failure is not because they didn’t campaign well or due to the UMNO internal.KT is another signal that the people have once again rejected the notion of governance and rule by UMNO/BN and fed up with the govt and all its machinery right from the Judiciary,EC to the Police.
It is inevitable that BN as the ruling party will lose in the next election should BN fail to bring about any significant reform to the country as in its governance,policies and the behavior of the civilian agencies.
Will there be change after all or will it be just a mere installation of party positions and interest after all.The question now is what is the form of change we are looking at..both on part of Umno/BN and Pakatan (i emphasis here-PAKATAN and not DAP,PAS or PKR) ?
The danger here is…change cannot be left to be determined by politicians and political parties alone.
Will the civil societies speak up and stand up for the true aspiration of the people and stand up for the principles of equality and social justice.