Day: March 19, 2009

PSM's clenched fist logo deemed 'violent'

Gabrielle Chong Poor PSM! – Obstacles after obstacles the Parti Socialis Malaysia has to face before it could be officially recognised as a political party. The latest hitch is expected to make its recognition more elusive – the authorities are now saying that the party’s

Anwar's ceramah declared illegal, venue changed

Malaysiakini The police have declared Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s ceramah tonight in Taiping illegal, resulting to a hasty change of venue to Bukit Gantang. According to organiser Nordin Jaafar, the event will now be held outside the PAS office in Bukit Cempedak, Bukit Gantang, where

How voters were affected by Batang Ai Dam

Article taken from: democracy4now Batang Ai Hydroelectric Project and the Resettlement As the state by-election of N29 Batang Ai nomination is due on 29th March, and polling on 7th April 2009, public’s attention in the area suddenly increases. Named after the same of the river

Dogs pissing on trees in Batang Ai

Sim Kwang Yang (Malaysiakini) Weekly columnists like me are constantly tormented by the lack of subjects to write about. When the deadline approaches, I sometimes freeze into an angst-filled blank in what is often termed as a writer’s block. The pending Batang Ai by-election is

Elections, Indonesian-style

By Dr Farish A Noor (TheNutgraph) WITH Umno’s heated polls just a week away and a transition of power in the pipeline for the nation, one other elections will soon grab the headlines. This April will witness the elections of Indonesia, the biggest Muslim country