Ghost of PBDS hangs over Batang Ai

Joe Fernandez (Malaysiakini)
Sabah PKR deputy chief Ansari Abdullah’s worst nightmare is that ‘the old and uneducated voters’ of Batang Ai will impose their will again on the younger generation and give Barisan Nasional another victory in the Batang Ai state seat by-election on April 7.

Iban illiteracy, pegged at 70 percent or the highest in Malaysia, has generally worked to the advantage of BN in elections except when they faced the Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) in opposition.
“The young have seen their elders bullied and treated no better than slaves in the past half century and have bitter memories about the so-called status quo,” said Ansari, a close confidante of party advisor and Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim since the latter’s days in government.