'Ceremah' organisers can appeal, say Police

Malaysian Insider
TAIPING, April 1 – Perak police chief Datuk Zulkefli Abdullahhas has asked Bukit Gantang ceramah  (talks) organisers whose applications for permits have been rejected to appeal.

He said the appeals lodged would be handed to him in 48 hour as stated under Section 27 of the Police Act.
“I read in newspapers that some people are unhappy that their application for permits have been rejected.
Police can’t be blamed for this as we did not received any appeals on the applications rejected by the district police chief,” he told reporters here today.
Zulkefli said the unhappy group should know that they could make appeals as provided by law especially as many of them were law graduates.
Police have received 54 applications for ceramah permits comprising 34 from Umno, 14 from Pas, 4 from DAP and 2 from PKR. Only six applications were rejected.
On the opposition stand to defy the ban on making seditious statements,  Zulkefli said police could act by disrupting the ceramah or take legal action against the organisers.
Police were investigating the case involving DAP chairman Karpal Singh who was pelted with water bottles on Sunday, use of the harsh words during campaigning and a threat made by a party supporter. – Bernama