Phantom Voter

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It seems that the by-election fever has not subsided! With five by-elections done and one more (possibly?) to come, it’s pretty safe to say that some kind of a democracy is definitely in action in this country. Looks like we all have to work overtime, phantom voters notwithstanding.
As such, due to large amounts of phantom requests, we speak with Mr (or is it Mrs?) Phantom Voter about what it takes to be a phantom voter, phantom voting trends/tendencies, and what he (or she?) does when it’s not election-time.
Phantom Voter is a phantom voter, and has been a registered voter since 1910, 1967, or 1986, depending on the phantom ICs in question.
Note: This episode was originally shot for and first aired on The Kini Current Show, 7 April 2009, during the tri-by-elections of Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau, and Batang Ai.