Elections….please – no more appointments by political masters

The people elected their leaders – their village leaders, and now the ‘disputed’ BN-government of Perak wants to sack them all…817 of them.

Hello – they were ELECTED – i.e. they are the people’s choice – not some ‘political appointee’, and it is certainly wrong to even try to sack them.
What the ‘disputed’ BN-government of Perak, and all other BN or PKR governments should do is to learn from Perak and restore democracy at all levels of government. There must be ELECTIONS at all levels – no more appointments by the ‘government’ – the people are capable of choosing their own leaders…
Perak village chiefs who were elected during the previous government are giving Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir 48 hours to reverse his decision to sack them.
They have threatened to sue the government if their demand is not met.
Speaking on their behalf, former exco member Nga Kor Ming said the Barisan government could be sued for breach of contract for removing the 817 village chiefs before the expiry of their term of service in 2010.
“Although their term of service had only just begun, they received letters from their respective district officers last Thursday telling them that they no longer needed to turn up for work,” he said yesterday.
The letters, he said, stated that the village chiefs and their respective village development and security committees (JKKKs) were officially dismissed beginning April 16.
“Barisan Nasional has no legal right to dissolve the JKKK just like that, for the JKKK is a government machinery that is enshrined in the Perak Constitution,” he said after meeting more than 40 village chiefs who turned up at the Perak DAP headquarters here yesterday to protest against the dismissal.
“Unless they had committed some sort of offence, they cannot be removed from their posts without proper reason.”
The village chiefs also claimed that the Barisan government had failed to pay their allowances of RM400 each for February, March and April.
Dr Zambry and State Secretary Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Hashim could not be reached for comment. – Star, 22/4/2009, Elected village chiefs may sue Perak govt over dismissal
When will we be having elections for Village heads and their committees for Selangor, Penang,…the other PR and BN States?
When will we be having Local Council Elections?
When will the people be able to elect their own Senators – surely, it is time for Senatorial Elections by the rakyat(the people) themselves.. ..

Posted By Charles Hector