Intimidation Rules in Najib’s ‘1Malaysia’

Press Statement by Member of Parliament Klang Charles Santiago in Klang on 6th May 2009
I condemn the arrest of leading social activist and spokesperson for polls reform group Wong Chin Huat. He will be investigated under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act.

Chin Huat was detained for writing articles on “1 Black Malaysia, Democracy First and Elections Now” campaign. The campaign urged Malaysians to wear black on May 7 as a sign of protest against the Perak power grab and BN state government.
His right to legal representation was denied. And his family and friends were kept in the dark of his whereabouts.
The right to dissent is a constitutional right. The arbitrary arrest of individuals who dissent and offer alternative views and perspectives shows that Najib is not sincere in initiating political reforms in the country.  Also, it demonstrates that Najib will not tolerate challenge to his authority nor respect citizen’s fundamental right to expression.
I call upon Prime Minister to immediately release Wong Chin Huat, withdraw all charges against him and stop intimidating Malaysians.
As a show of support to Chin Huat, I urge all Malaysians to wear black on 7th May. Let’s send a  message to Najib that Malaysians will not stand for intimidation of individuals who express differing views.
Charles Santiago
Member of Parliament, Klang
Vice Chairman of Selangor DAP