DAPSY slams arrest of leaders at candlelight vigil

Malaysian Insider
KUALA LUMPUR, May 19 — Police tonight continued their tough stance against protests as they arrested Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching and Teratai assemblywoman Jenice Lee at a candle-light vigil in Seputeh.

DAP Socialist Youth executive secretary Lim Zhen Hui confirmed Teo and Lee were among those arrested at the start of the vigil.
“DAPSY staunchly condemns the arrest of DAPSY leaders and members at a candlelight vigil in Seputeh earlier tonight,” Lim said in a statement.
“At a time when the people of Malaysia are mourning the accelerated death of democracy in this country fuelled by the shameful events in Perak, the police has reinforced the idea that democracy does not exist in this country.
“DAPSY demands the immediate release of all DAPSY leaders and members that were unjustly locked up tonight, and calls for the government to revive the democratic process to save the face of our nation that has been tainted by numerous scandals and instances of human rights abuse,” Lim added.