Another set of arrests – another indicator that Malaysia is more and more becoming a non-democratic nation

By Charles Hector
Freedom of assembly & freedom of expression must be respected..
It is stupid and unreasonable for persons to be required to get police permission before they have protest peacefully. Are we turning into a some kind of ‘police state’?
What really was wrong about this protest, Mr Police Officer… Was it the message? It was “to mark the “killing of democracy by the illegal government in Perak.” – that is a sentiment we all know about…and so what was the danger of having a small candle light vigil in Seputeh? – so, why did you come to disperse this group…why did you arrest these persons, including a couple of ‘wakil rakyat? Explain to us…..
The police tonight arrested more elected representatives – an opposition parliamentarian as well as a state assemblyperson – at a candlelight vigil to ‘mourn the death of democracy’
dapsy seputeh vigil 190509 01Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching and Teratai state assemblyperson Jenice Lee, two 20-something DAP female politicians, were arrested along with nine party workers at the vigil in Seputeh at 8.20pm.
The vigil, which was held outside DAP MP Teresa Kok’s office, saw the participation of more than a dozen of black T-shirt clad protesters.
According to the organisers, the vigil was to mark the “killing of democracy by the illegal government in Perak.”
The protesters had earlier gathered outside an empty space facing the DAP building and carried posters calling for the dissolution of the state assembly. – Malaysiakini, 19/5/2009, DAP MP, state rep arrested at candlelight vigil
But, I also wonder why these persons are out there protesting? Why do they refuse to disperse, and get arrested? Mayben time for a change of strategy…taking into consideration that the police is getting more and more agressive. Before the police gives 5 – 10 minutes for persons to disperse – nowadays, they just count to 10…
Maybe, it is time to sit down and devise more creative means of protesting… What do you think?