Khairy claims PAS insulted by DAP

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid (Malaysian Insider)
PERMATANG PASIR, Aug 21 – Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin claims PAS in Penang has been ostracised and insulted by DAP because there is no PAS representation on the state exco.

The accusation was made in apparent attempt to drive a wedge between the two which have been experiencing less than a smooth relationship recently.
“Despite being the sole representative in the Penang government, PAS has not been given the exco post which shows that it is not appreciated by the DAP. This is an insult to them,” said Khairy at a ceramah before some 400 people here.
“I dare Lim Guan Eng to appoint the PAS candidate as an exco if he wins,” he added followed by a loud roar from the audience.
DAP has been the target of Umno’s ongoing campaign to portray the party as anti-Islam and the open squabbling between them and PAS, often on issues PR claimed have been maliciously manipulated into racial and Islamic ones like the beer sale in Selangor, have provided Umno with much ammunition.
The race card appears to be a favoured weapon in Umno’s bid to regain lost Malay support and has been used throughout their campaign in the predominantly Malay Permatang Pasir.
[Khairy says he vouches for Rohaizat (right), whom he has known for a decade. – Picture by Jack Ooi]
Khairy says he vouches for Rohaizat (right), whom he has known for a decade. – Picture by Jack Ooi
But Umno’s campaign have been marred by the scandal of its candidate, Rohaizat Othman, a former lawyer disbarred by the Bar Council after he was found guilty of misconduct after he allegedly failed to return RM161,000 of his client’s money.
Umno leaders have maintained and insisted on his innocence, putting all the blame on Rohaizat’s former legal firm partner,Yusri Ishak who surfaced yesterday to deny the allegations and revealed that the Umno politician had used his client’s money to aid his friends in a land purchase which went wrong.
Khairy made no comments about Yusri’s allegations but stuck to the party line that the attack on Rohaizat was nothing but a character assassination by PAS.
“I have known him for 10 years and I vouch for him. He is an accountable man,” said Khairy said.
He also claimed that the attack on the party’s candidate was an attempt to divert voters’ attention from allegations that PAS has planted some 3,000 phantom voters here.
A formal complaint has been lodged with the Elections Commission said Khairy, but ironically, the Umno Youth chief has expressed scepticism towards the electoral authority, claiming that some of its officers are agents of the opposition and have assisted them in moving the phantom voters to Permatang Pasir.
“I have no doubt that the top leadership of the EC can operate transparently but there are some of their officers who are assisting the opposition,” he said.