Still sore over cow head, Section 23 Indians to root for PAS in Bagan Pinang

By Neville Spykerman (Malaysian Insider)
SHAH ALAM, Sept 23 – Indian residents of Section 23 here and from other parts of the Selangor capital intend to ensure the cow head protest against the relocation of a Hindu temple here, is “prominently featured” in the upcoming Bagan Pinang by-election.

Plans are under way to get the residents, who are still smarting over how the protest was orchestrated by politicians, to campaign on the side of PAS.
Some 20 per cent of the voters in Bagan Pinang in Negeri Sembilan are Indians and could prove crucial in a close contest.
“We will remind the Indians in Bagan Pinang what happened to the community here,” said resident K Raja, a draughtsman.
His remarks appear to suggest that Indians in Section 23 and in other parts of Selangor are blaming Umno for the cow head protest which caused race tensions and has resulted in a number of individuals charged for sedition.
On August 30, about 50 Malay-Muslim protestors marched to the state secretariat here after Friday prayers and desecrated a cow’s head to demonstrate their intolerance over plans to relocate a 150-year-old temple to Section 23.
Police allowed the protest to proceed, despite the fact that the animal is considered sacred by Hindus, but later bowing to public pressure, six men were charged for sedition and illegal assembly while another six for illegal assembly.
However the less than swift action against the protestors, who also disrupted a town hall meeting held by the state government to resolve the issue, has led to allegations of double standards by the federal government.
Raja said that besides a word-of-mouth campaign, plans are also afoot to distribute brochures about the incident during the Bagan Pinang campaign.
“So far, we have about five residents who are keen on going but we expect others to join us.”
He said the residents will join a bus load of others from the community, who intend to be in Bagan Pinang on nomination day.
Other residents who declined to be name told The Malaysian Insider that they were still very hurt over what had happened and are intent on repaying UMNO during the by election.
“We know PAS is facing an uphill task because of the postal votes but we will ensure they get the votes from the Indian community,” said one resident.
The trip to Bagan Pinang is being organised by the PAS supporters club of Shah Alam, who intend to fill a bus and several cars with supporters.
“We also have others things to tell the Indian voters there besides the cow head protest.” said club chairman N Nathan, without elaborating.