Is the Selangor state government not run by PKR, PAS and DAP?

The SABM voters registration team was at the Jom Daftar Undi organised by the Sekretariat Belia Negeri Selangor (SBNS) under the portfolio of the MB of Selangor, last weekend.
Approached by SBNS to help out at the Jom Daftar Undi, we were told that they couldn’t find any Penolong Registrar to be at the event for voters’ registration.

This was an event focused on attracting the youngsters to register as a voter. And yet, a few days before the event, they were without any Penolong Registrar to register the crowd. They asked if SABM could get them anyone to do so.
(Penolong Registrar is someone appointed by the SPR to do registration of voters on behalf of SPR)
And we did, we managed to get the Penolong Registrar who always help us at our Voters’ Registration event to help at the Jom Undi Daftar. And guess where does this Penolong Registrar come from?
SABM is still in the midst of getting our own team to be appointed as Penolong Registrar by the SPR. Apparently, only those from the political parties or ex-civil servants can be a Penolong Registrar… As such, whenever we have any Voters Registration event, we need help from our Penolong Registrar friends in any of the political parties, until we have our own. For this instance, we managed to get help from DAP.
Yes, we BRIDGED the SBNS from the Selangor state government with the Penolong Registrar from DAP!
And we thought that all these while the Selangor state government is run by PKR, PAS and DAP! It left us wonder what went wrong, now that they need a third party to be a link between the state government and DAP.
Shouldn’t there be a direct connection?
Are not the some of the Selangor State Exco from DAP?
If yes, why such simple task cannot be arranged?
Imagine our shock and disbelief upon knowing this!
After awhile, I came to the conclusion that, either the State Excos are not too bothered about the state government’s affair (perhaps their duty is only to show up at functions giving speeches and shaking hands)
the organiser was just simply inefficient…
Anyway, SABM were glad to be of help. But we sure hope that this incident will not repeat again. There should be better communication between the two!