'Yes' to advance voting, 'maybe' to cooling-off period

Several political parties and non-governmental organisations more or less agreed that the Election Commission (EC) should introduce advance voting, but some were more skeptical about the proposed two-day cooling off period.
Yunus Ali, president, National Institute for Electoral Integrity
Based on my experience of the Thai electoral process,Early voting is good, But the system must be open to all and they must register earlier (as advance voters). Malaysians who are working overseas should also have the right to vote in advance.
yunus aliIf observers are present, then early voting is a more transparent process than postal voting. As for the cooling off period, I definitely agree because people have usually made up their minds already.
Let people vote in peace without being shouted at.
Wong Chin Huat, activist, Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih)
In principle, we should all welcome early voting, but I am unsure about the details. If the EC intends to extend postal voting, which is a questionable process, then this is bad because political parties can manipulate and intimidate voters on that list.
wong chin huatBut if ordinary workers can apply in advance to cast their votes earlier, I think it is a fantastic idea. Bersih suggests that two more reforms should accompany the cooling off period: a minimum campaign period of 21 days for all parties, and free and fair media access to all parties.
If these reforms are not implemented, then the EC is just conspiring to distort the electoral process.