Gung-ho Wong, modest Narawi and shy Lau

A rocket, a weighing scale, and a tree.
Three different men with their unique personalities will hit the streets and villages of Sibu with their own agendas, and party logos as the race for the Sibu parliamentary seat kicks off today.
It was a relatively tame morning at the nomination centre at Dewan Suarah as returning officer Wong See Meng announced the three candidates contesting for the seat: Wong Ho Leng (DAP), Robert Lau Hui Yew (Barisan Nasional) and Narawi Haron (independent).
NONEWong (left), in his fourth contest for a parliamentary seat, faced the media confidently and declared that he will be “fourth time lucky.”
A veteran with vast political experience, Wong sailed effortlessly through the press conference, tempering his party’s 40-60 odds with his own measured optimism.
“It will be an uphill battle, but in the space of seven days I am confident the Sibu electorate can turn around and hand a defeat to BN and (Prime Minister) Najib (Abdul Razak),” Wong said after the nomination process.