No objection to Bersih Sabah's gathering this Saturday.

KOTA KINABALU: Bersih Sabah has the full support of City Hall and City
Police to gather at Padang Merdeka on April 28, as planned.
According to Bersih Sabah 3.0 representative, Andrew Ambrose, they had
a successful meeting on Tuesday with the police and City Hall at the
city police headquaters in Karamunsing.
A team of seven from Bersih Sabah and Himpunan Hijau together with
about 30 representatives from the police and City Hall discussed the
planned gathering in the meeting chaired City Police Chief, ACP Ahmad
Sofi Zakaria.
Accoding to a representative from City Hall, a public programme on
“Say No To Drugs” was also being organized on the same day, which
Bersih Sabah and its supporters could also attend.
Andrew said Bersih Sabah would be supporting the City Hall event by
attending the event in Padang Merdeka.
“Bersih Sabah also welcomes all our supporters to join us in endorsing
this event, and to wear the colours yellow and green,” he said.
City Hall has also accepted the offer by Bersih Sabah and Himpunan
Hijau to carry out a “gotong-royong” after the event, to ensure the
place is cleaned.
“Bersih Sabah would also like to thank the City Police and City Hall
for their full cooperation and support, and together, for leading the
way for the rest of Malaysian authorities to emulate, ensuring that
our constitutional right as per Article 10, to assemble peacefully.
“The Sabah authorities have been exemplary in their cooperation and
Bersih Sabah commends the City Police and City Hall for their
intergrity and support,” he said.
He assured that Bersih Sabah will continue to work together with City
Police and City Hall for a peaceful gathering on April 28.