Clean-up the electoral roll!

Examples like this show that the electoral roll is a mess! This person is registered under two different IC numbers and can possibly vote in two different polling stations!
BERSIH 2.0 calls all to check their registration in the electoral roll ( and report to us if you…

  • never voted but find yourself registered without your consent;
  • have been transferred without your consent to another constituency, for example to a neighbouring parliamentary seat (e.g. Subang to Petaling Jaya Utara);
  • have been transferred without your consent to another state (e.g. from Kelantan to Johor) or
  • if you find deceased relatives and friends still on the electoral roll.

Help stop the mess that can lead to fraud by making it visible! 
If you find any election frauds and irregularities pls e-mail [email protected] and cc to [email protected]. OR directly upload report to