Press Statement: 3rd May, 2013


At about 9:30PM on 2/5/2013, PEMANTAU websites – and were blocked and made inaccessible to the PEMANTAU team. We have also learned of similar web attacks to Malaysikini videos and at 12:30AM, 3/5/2013 to DAP’s UBAH TV.
The PEMANTAU’s website was only accessible at or about 12.30AM on 3/5/2013. An the initial diagnosis from our independent IT technician, Sinar Project had confirmed the presence of a blocking filter set up in the local Internet Service Provider network infrastructure which prevented users from accessing the websites.
PEMANTAU is deeply disturbed by the blockade and believes that it amounts to undue censorship on the freedom to obtain, disseminate and impart information to election observers, internet users, voters and members of the public at large.
This violates the fundamental freedom of speech and expression of all citizens as enshrined in Article 10 of the Federal Constitution and we strongly condemn the perpetrators who had attempted to censor these legitimate exercise of freedoms by internet censorship.
PEMANTAU believes that the blockade has frustrated the legitimate works of election observers nationwide. Such intermittent disruption is viewed with grave concerns, especially when the nation is three days to polling day.
On this note, PEMANTAU demands an immediate credible investigation and explanation from the Malaysian Multimedia and Communication Commission and an assurance that such blockade and censorship would not happen again.
PEMANTAU Pilihan Raya Rakyat comprises:-
Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections 2.0 (BERSIH 2.0);
Malaysians for Free and Fair Elections (MAFREL); and
Pusat KOMAS.
For further enquiries, please contact the BERSIH 2.0 secretariat at
03-77723275 or 019-4380428