Explain Rumoured Snap Election


19 JULY 2016

BERSIH 2.0 is extremely concern with a “rumoured snap election” in Penang which may be called by Democratic Action Party (DAP). While we recognise that in a working democracy, states can call for its own elections but it is unclear to us as to the purpose and necessity of a poll election at this time.
We strongly urge DAP to take more time to consult and rethink about holding a snap election when the nation is presently crying for clear statemenship in dealing with issues of governance and resolution for economic burdens.
Voter’s support should not be taken for granted and there must be a public explanation from DAP to state their reasons for the state elections. In any elections, it not only use public funds but are time consuming and frustrating when voters do not know what the election is for.
As a political party that claims to be accountable, this is the time for DAP to engage with the voters and to give an acceptable response, otherwise they should abandon the idea of a snap election.
Issued by,
BERSIH 2.0 Steering Committee