PRESS STATEMENT (11 NOVEMBER 2016): Second horrific death threat against Maria Chin Abdullah and her three sons, Dato Ambiga, and Mandeep Singh

At 12.49am earlier today, a WhatsApp message was sent to Maria Chin’s handphone with edited images of decapitated heads of 6 persons by ISIS. They were Maria and her three sons, Dato Ambiga, and Mandeep Singh.
It’s horrific for anyone to be so low as to attack human rights activists so personally. We don’t believe it is a threat from ISIS, but rather it seems to be done by people who do not want us to continue with our BERSIH5 rally and convoy. This is based on a similar death threat note that was sent earlier last month. (Ref:
We believe that we are creating waves of hope and resistance through our convoy which have happening for the past 6 weeks. We have been successful and well-received in the towns we have visited. That’s why some people are scared of the people’s power. Such death threats are meant to crush our spirit and instill fear in to the public.
As this is the second threat in a month, the police needs to take this more seriously and arrest the culprit(s). If they can trace the mobile numbers and act swiftly in other cases, why not ours?
BERSIH 2.0 is not intimidated and we will remain resolute in calling for our 5 demands to fight for clean and fair elections and democratic governance. Our freedom of assembly and expression is enshrined in the Federal Constitution Article 10, and that’s what we will continue to fight for.
The BERSIH5 rally on 19 November is on and we invite all Malaysians to stand tall with us as we struggle for a new Malaysia.
Satukan Tenaga, Malaysia Baru.
Signed by the BERSIH 2.0 Steering Committee members