MEDIA STATEMENT (22 MARCH 2018): Withdraw the Redelineation Report in the Interest of Justice and Fair Redelineation

BERSIH 2.0 urges Prime Minister Najib Razak to withdraw the redelineation report distributed to Members of Parliament (MP) under embargo this morning.
The Election Commission (EC) has acted in bad faith against the Federal Constitution as the public inquiry process by voters in Selangor is not yet complete.
Over 10,000 voters have filed an action through 107 representatives to compel the EC to hear their objections to the proposed redelineation.
That case will be heard on Tuesday (27 March).
Selangor’s state government also has a judicial review pending in the Court of Appeal, which will be heard on Friday (23 March).
It is unconstitutional for the EC to submit a report to the Prime Minister before these cases are heard.
This is just a scare tactic to apply undue pressure to the High Court to dismiss a case by voters in Selangor who have not been given their right to be heard in merit.
We hope the High Court will hear this case by 107 objectors on its merit, without fear or favour, and direct the EC to hold a public inquiry to hear their objections.
Issued by:
BERSIH 2.0 Steering Committee