MEDIA STATEMENT (20 APRIL 2018): BERSIH 2.0 Launches the GE14 Hall of Shame on Election Offences

BERSIH 2.0 today launches the GE14 Hall of Shame on Election Offences, to name and shame any candidate, party, official or individual guilty of acting against clean and fair elections.
The Hall of Shame on Election Offences will be compiled using information from verified reports submitted to BERSIH 2.0 by the general public or PEMANTAU volunteers and coordinators. The selection will be based on the value of money involved, frequency of the offence, the scale and reach of the offence and the potential impact on the integrity of the upcoming elections. The categories of offences that BERSIH 2.0 will be monitoring in GE14 are listed on the PEMANTAU website:
BERSIH 2.0 launches the Hall of Shame as a measure to not only name those who resort to such tactics in order to win over voters, but also to educate the public on the principles of clean and fair elections. BERSIH 2.0 has published guidelines of a caretaker government on our website and sent copies of the guidelines to the main political parties.
New inductees to the Hall of Shame on Election Offences will be announced on our social media channels, on a weekly basis until polling day which falls on 9 May 2018.
The first 10 inductees into the GE14 Hall of Shame, selected from over 130 verified reports, are as below.

1)Azalina Othman Said, MP for Pengerang, for giving 360 FELDA settlers RM5000 each while campaigning for BN on 14 April 2018. The total amount of taxpayers money involved is RM1,800,000.
2)Raja Nong Chik, for his frequent and consistent treating of voters in Lembah Pantai, including presenting a motorcycle as a lucky draw prize. Other giveaways include cash, household goods and free spectacles.
3)Dominic Lau, from Gerakan Batu, for his frequent handouts as part of his “I love Batu” campaign. These include bags of rice, free spectacles and goodie bags.
4)Ali Rustam, likely BN candidate for Hang Tuah Jaya, for distributing personlised cooking oil and rice, with his photograph printed on the items.
5)Abdul Mutalif Abdul Rahim, from Barisan Nasional Taman Medan, who, while campaigning for BN gave a voter RM3000.
6)Jamil Khir Baharom, MP for Jerai, for repeated treating of voters while campaigning, including giving away a motorcycle as a lucky draw prize.
7)Najib Razak, for his continued use of government ministries and machinery to campaign for Barisan Nasional. In particular, the caretaker Prime Minister consistently makes campaign speeches while handing out government aid or announcing new government projects.
8)The Director General of the Ministry of Health, Noor Hisham Abdullah, for tweeting his support for Barisan Nasional, in breach of public service regulations. The Ministry of Health has also used its official Facebook page to promote Barisan Nasional.
9)Barisan Nasional Sungai Petani, for using a government flood relief centre for their Bilik Gerakan.
10)Tengku Adnan Mansor, for using the Federal Territories Ministry as his own campaign machinery, including Ministry advertisements used to promote Barisan Nasional and Ministry events used as BN campaign events.


BERSIH 2.0 condemns the eight BN politicians and a BN branch office listed above for abusing government assets and public funds to campaign for their political parties. We are appalled that the Ministry of Health allows its Facebook page to promote manifesto of BN. We demand them to stop immediately such practices.
BERSIH 2.0 urges anyone who witnesses an election offence to report online 1) at, 2) through WhatsApp on 011-17721546 or 3) call 03-79314444. It is necessary for perpetrators of these offences to be called out and held accountable so that the principles of clean and fair elections are upheld throughout the 14th General Elections.
Issued by:
BERSIH 2.0 Steering Committee