Joint Statement (10 October 2019): Bersih 2.0, Tindak Malaysia and ENGAGE to Launch Joint Election Observation in P165 Tanjung Piai By-Election

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH 2.0), Tindak Malaysia and ENGAGE  will coordinate our efforts to monitor the upcoming Tanjung Piai by-election. The three organizations call on all contesting candidates and political parties to strictly abide by all the election laws. The election observation mission will cover the period from Nomination Day on November 2 till Polling Day on November 16.

Additionally, BERSIH 2.0 will monitor the activities and statements of politicians and political parties even before the Nomination day  for any abuses of state resources with the aim of influencing voters in Tanjung Piai. While current laws do not make it an offence to make announcements of development projects or conditional promises that are specific to the constituency of Tanjung Piai, we urge the PH government to adhere to the principle of free and fair elections by not abusing their position as both State and Federal governments. 

The scope of the election observation mission will include the conduct of the by-election by the Election Commission (EC) from nomination process, campaign period, polling day, counting of votes and announcement of results. 

The election observation mission will also monitor any possible election offences by politicians and political parties, including bribery and vote buying, treating and gifting, undue government handouts/inducement, use of government machinery, intimidation, violence and harassment.  

In view of possible use of race and religion to fish for votes in the election campaign, the three organizations will be on the lookout for hate speeches by anyone in this by-election. 

BERSIH 2.0 also calls on public members, especially residents of Tanjung Piai, by volunteering to be election observers. The observer should be 21 years old or above and is not a member of any political party. The main tasks include monitoring the nomination, polling and vote counting processes as well as campaigning activities. 

Anyone who is interested in volunteering as an observer or to report an election offence may contact BERSIH2.0 at 03-79314444/019-4380428 or fill up the complaint form at


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Image credit : Sinar Harian