Joint Statement by Bersih 2.0 & ENGAGE (22 April 2020): Malaysians’ Generosity Helped Us Achieved Our Target of RM460,000 for the Needy

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0) and our partner ENGAGE are astounded by the generosity of Malaysians of all walks of life in this time of health and economic crisis. Last week we set a new target of raising another RM100,000 to bring our total raised since the start of our #MakanKongsi campaign to RM460,000. As of today, 1,525 people have donated RM461,735 to #MakanKongsi and we have given out 63 small grants totalling RM372,959 to 35 dedicated partners who are working daily since the start of the MCO to ensure that the most vulnerable communities do not go hungry. 


#MakanKongsi does not distribute meals, money or essential provisions directly to the over 10,000 beneficiaries we have touched so far. We rely entirely on the efforts of our partners who work among the needy throughout the country. Many are established Non-Government Organisations (NGO) with established track records but there are also individuals who are propelled into action by their compassion. Many of these have sacrificed their time and own money to buy provisions for total strangers regardless of nationality, ethnicity or creed. #MakanKongsi exists to support them in their selfless acts so that they need not be financially burdened and be freed from the need to raise funds themselves.


We have established a clear application and accountability process for these partners to access the funds donated by the public. They can apply to us online and if they fulfill over stringent criteria as to how they will utilize the grant and that they have done due diligence to ensure that their intended beneficiaries are genuinely in need, our approving committee can approve and transfer the funds to them within 24 hours, sometimes on the same day. Partners are required to submit brief reports with photographic evidence of beneficiaries receiving the aid. 


#MakanKongsi continually seek to improve the level of our transparency and accountability to our donors and to this end we have provided a link for the public to view the list of our partners, grants awarded, number of beneficiaries, communities, localities, amount donated, amount disbursed and the balance in our fund. You can view the list here – 


The communities the funds donated to #MakanKongsi have reached included the homeless, B40 Malaysians, Orang Asli/Asal, single mothers, handicapped, transgenders, migrant workers from Indonesia, Cambodia & Bangladesh, Rohinya, Sri Lankan, Myanmar and Pakistani refugees. Many of these were in hunger when #MakanKongsi was contacted for assistance. 


We also want to acknowledge the support of media organisations like MalaysiaKini who provided free banner advertisement on their portal and The Edge Malaysia for providing us with a half-page advertisement in their award-winning weekly publication. Their solidarity with the vulnerable during this time is most commendable.


We hope that the fight against COVID-19 will be successful and the MCO can be lifted soon but until then, the needs of these vulnerable communities remain and as such we will continue to receive donations to support our NGO and individual partners. Every life matters and every Ringgit donated counts. 


You may donate through our payment partner by using your credit card, debit card, online banking (FPX), e-Wallet (Boost, Grabpay, TnG, MCash, QRPay) by clicking on this link: 


Or bank direct to our account at:

Bank : Maybank (PJ Old Town Branch)

Name : Bersih & Adil Network Sdn Bhd

Account No. : 512295102931

Reference : MakanKongsi


If you require a receipt from us, please email your banking receipt to [email protected] after you have transferred your money.


Statement issued by:

The Steering Committee of Bersih 2.0 

Executive Committee of ENGAGE