Dissolution of NLD Will Further Destabilize Myanmar

The Bersih 2.0 International Bureau (B2IB) regrets the statement by Myanmar’s head of electoral commission, in which the agency said they are considering the dissolution of the National League for Democracy Party (NLD). Formed in 1988, the NLD had won the last two general elections with overwhelming popular support. As such, their fate must be decided by the people.

B2IB urges that Myanmar’s electoral commission to immediately rescind any attempt to dissolve the NLD. The dissolution of the 33-years old historic political party – without due process – will only result in more polarization and destabilization of the country. If the NLD is dissolved, it is likely their supporters could lose faith in the electoral process and resort to armed struggle as a mean to defend their democratic rights.

Any allegations of electoral fraud concerning the NLD or any party must be presented to court in an open and transparent manner with evidences of electoral fraud submitted. Even if there are irrefutable evidence, any punitive action must be proportionate to the alleged offence.

B2IB once again called on the international community, especially ASEAN countries and those in support of democracy, to put pressure on the Tatmadaw to restore parliamentary democracy, civilian rule, and peace in Myanmar.

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About Bersih 2.0: The Coalition for Clean and Fair Election (Bersih 2.0) is a coalition backed by 88 Malaysian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) with the objective of campaigning for free and fair elections in Malaysia.

About Bersih 2.0 International Bureau (B2IB): B2IB is established in 2020 to express global solidarity to people and movements campaigning for free and fair elections and democracy in any part of the world. We believe that the improvement of free and fair elections and democracy in any part of the world will contribute to a more open, transparent, participatory and just society – not only for the country concerned but also for the global community.