Muhyiddin Must Resign Or Seek A Vote Of Confidence

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH 2.0) calls for the resignation of Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin or he must seek a vote of confidence in the Dewan Rakyat following the announcement by the President of UMNO, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi that UMNO has withdrawn its support for the PM and that at least 11 UMNO MPs to date have declared similar position to the President. Muhyiddin’s parliamentary strength has dropped to at most 104 only, 7 seats short needed for a simple majority.

BERSIH 2.0 underlines that it is irresponsible to prolong the political instability and deny Malaysians a functioning government while the country is facing a raging pandemic and an ailing economy.

If Muhyiddin believes he can still command a majority, he must convene the Dewan Rakyat and table a motion of confidence in himself immediately, notwithstanding the widely disputed proposal of 14-day suspension by the Director-General of Health. If Muhyiddin fails to prove his majority and refuses to resign, he should be dismissed by YDPA to pave way for the appointment of a new Prime Minister, as per Article 43(2a) of the Federal Constitution. The other alternative of a fresh election has been ruled out by the pandemic, a position the Muhyiddin Government takes with the imposition of the localised Emergency in Sarawak.

With the resignation or dismissal of Muhyiddin, the YDPA should exercise his discretionary power under Article 40(2) of the Federal Constitution by reaching out to leaders of all major coalitions and parties to see if any of them have gathered a viable majority, which may be obtained through Confidence and Supply Agreements (CSAs).

While ultimately any new government’s survival should be tested by a vote of confidence in Dewan Rakyat immediately after its swearing-in, and individual MPs may act independently from their party’s position, the process of government coalition should be party-based in the initial stage. If every MP is called in, this will only raise the likelihood of seat-buying, prolonging the political stalemate, putting the country’s governance on an auto-pilot mode, ultimately undermining the legitimacy of parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.

Bersih 2.0 calls upon all parties to protect the institution of Constitutional Monarchy by not pressuring the Palaces to act in any way different from what is expected under the Federal Constitution and Westminster constitutional conventions.

Bersih 2.0 also urges the bureaucracy, the police, and the military to observe absolute neutrality while the elected political leaders negotiate on government formation or retention. Any partisan act may invite subsequent retribution after the dust settles and prolongs the political crisis.

Statement issued by:
The Steering Committee of BERSIH 2.0