Bersih Launches #TagYourMP Campaign on Anti Hopping Law

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH) launches today the #TagYourMP campaign to create public awareness and gather political support for the Anti-Hopping Amendments bill that will be tabled in Parliament on 11th April 2022.

The #TagYourMP and #AntiHoppingNOW campaign aims to provide a nationwide discourse on Anti-Hopping Law and calls for Malaysians to urge their Members of Parliament to support the bill once it is tabled.

In this campaign, we are calling on the public to do the followings:

  1. a) Tweet and tag their MPs’ social media urging them to support the bill;
  2. b) Send them an email;
  3. c) Forward the message/idea to their families and friends to do the same;
  4. d) Sign the online petition here

BERSIH will also organise talks and events to discuss the importance of this law and its relevance to the public.

We need to have a law to stop the sort of party-hopping by elected representatives that had destabilised our government and country. Without the Anti-Hopping amendments, the Rakyat will remain disenchanted with our politics and democracy, and many would not bother to vote in the next General Election. In line with this, BERSIH has also launched a petition on Change.Org: for members of the public to sign in support.

Let’s tag our MPs and demand that they support the passing of the Anti-Party Hopping Amendments Bill on 11th April. Everyone can be involved, let us make a difference!

Released by,
The BERSIH Steering Committee