Townhall and Forum Ketuanan Pengundi@Sarawak!

Join us for the Roadshow and the Townhall Meeting on Voter Supremacy@Sarawak

Through the Voter Supremacy campaign, we work to empower voters through systemic and institutional reforms in our country. Given that Malaysians had witnessed two prime ministers changing in the three years following the Sheraton Move and multiple governments collapsing due to party-hopping, the country needs a concrete solution to restore confidence in democracy.

We invite you to our next Voter Supremacy Townhall Meeting in Sarawak!

Date: 2/7/2022
Time: 9.30 am-12.00 noon/day
Venue: Pua Kumbu Hall, Lot 10 Boutique Hotel, Jalan Ban Hock, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak

For everyone interested in attending, please fill out the Google form: