Roundtable on Deepening Democracy in Malaysia

Bersih, the Kofi Annan Foundation and Global Bersih will organize a roundtable titled “Deepening Democracy in Malaysia: Making Coalition Government and Hung Parliament Work” in Parliament on May 9th and 10th.
The roundtable will gather 150 participants, including ministers, representatives of political parties, members of parliament, civil society leaders, academics, youth groups, and the media as well as international experts from Germany, Australia, Canada, Finland, and the Philippines. Five panel sessions covering key topics pertaining to coalition governments and multi-party democracy will be held – each include presentations by international experts of established practices and processes in other countries.
Come join us next week as we discuss the benefits, practices and challenges of multi-party coalitions around the world and contribute to a greater understanding of how they apply to the Malaysian context.
The event is supported by the Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat Dato’ Johari Abdul and Deputy Speaker Alice Lau, the European Union in Malaysia, the Australian High Commission in Malaysia and the High Commission of Canada in Malaysia
The roundtable will be livestreamed on Parliament’s official YouTube channel: