Openly Promising GLC Positions is an Affront to Good Governance and an Abuse of Power

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH) considers Muhyiddin’s open declaration of distribution and promise of political appointments to Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) if Perikatan Nasional (PN) wins the six state elections as an affront to good governance and an abuse of state power to reward their own political operatives.

GLCs are companies that exist to safeguard and grow public wealth and are not political parties’ ATM to put party loyalists on the state’s payroll. In openly declaring his intention, we also wonder if it is a form of vote buying to secure the support of certain groups.

This form of political patronage has unfortunately become part of our political culture and every successive governments’, including the current Unity Government, who is guilty of appointing either elected or unelected politicians to the board of GLCs.

Bersih has been consistent as a watchdog and pressure group throughout all the different administrations across the years that no elected representatives should be appointed to GLCs as their primary responsibility is to their voters and to be lawmakers and not serve as company directors. For unelected politicians, we must put in place a clear and rigorous process to ensure transparency and that only suitably qualified individuals are appointed as they are entrusted with public assets.

Voters must vote wisely in the upcoming state elections to ensure that parties or candidates who are committed to institutional reforms to end corruption are elected so that our country can be freed from the scourge of political patronage and corruption.

Statement issued by:
BERSIH Steering Committee