Madani Government Urged to Comply with ‘3Cs’ Prohibition to Avoid Abuse of Power

The Coalition for Clean and Adil Elections (BERSIH) urges the Madani Government led by Prime Minister (PM) Anwar Ibrahim to comply with the 3C prohibition: “No Conditions”, “No Campaign” and “No Candidates” so as not to abuse power and abandon trust in any policy announcements and allocations by all Federal Ministries and agencies during the six State Elections (6PRN).

BERSIH refers to the announcement by Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi who is also Minister of Rural and Regional Development (KKDW) for the Persatuan Belia Gabungan Lembaga Kemajuan Terengganu Tengah (Ketengah) to increase the grant to the association by RM100,000. In addition, he also announced an allocation of RM250,000 to the Terengganu Youth Council and RM200,000 for motoring associations in the state. The total allocation announced during the Sentuhan Kasih Desa program amounted to more than half a million ringgit.

Zahid Hamidi in his speech clearly imposed conditions when he added that the amount of this allocation will be increased if his party wins in this PRN and campaigns in front of the youth present to win the ‘red and blue wave’ which refers to the parties in coalition government in this election.

The special allocation to three social bodies in Terengganu, and not to all similar bodies throughout the country has violated the principle of “No Campaign” while Zahid’s statement linking the amount of allocation to PRN’s victory clearly violates the principle of “No Condition.” This is different from the announcement by PM Anwar of the new economic framework “Madani Economy” which includes all Malaysians and does not link any provision with political support.

BERSIH strongly urges PM Anwar Ibrahim to control his cabinet members and all heads of Federal agencies to not recklessly make policy announcements or provisions that violate the 3C prohibition.

There should be no special announcements targeted at states facing PRN to attract support. Of course, there cannot be any candidates in any announcement ceremony. Any previous conditional announcements, including Zahid’s statement in Terengganu, must be cancelled immediately.

PM Anwar and the Madani Government must remember that this violation of 3C will affect the credibility of Madani’s ideas, as it will be seen as a party propaganda and not a policy vision for the whole country.

As an electoral watchdog for clean and fair elections and institutional reforms which do not favor any party, BERSIH mooted the 3C ban on July 20 as a guideline for a government that is in a ‘non-caretaker’ mode, that is the Federal Government in this PRN and the State Governments during the General Election. BERSIH is glad that the value of administrative neutrality – which we advocated over the years – that binds caretaker governments has now been accepted as a basic norm in elections.

The 3C prohibition is intended to close the loophole for non-caretaker governments without prohibiting them from carrying out their respective mandates. These guidelines together with the code of ethics for caretaker governments should be legislated as an Administrative Neutrality in Election Act/Enactment at both the Federal and State levels.

BERSIH will always be fair, balanced and impartial in monitoring the behavior of all political parties and elected representatives. Although this may sometimes invite slanders from political parties and their propaganda organs, BERSIH will not bow to slanders and will not move away from making constructive, considered, and mature reprimand with a clear and firm voice.

Issued by:
BERSIH Steering Committee