The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH) mourns the passing of Haris Ibrahim today. Haris was part of the Bersih Steering Committee from 2010 to 2013 and was a leading figure during our rallies then. His courage and outspokenness inspired many Malaysians to step forward as rally participants and to cast their votes at the ballot box.

Apart from being a political activist and human rights defender, Haris was a passionate Malaysian, he co-founded the NGO called Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) in 2009 with the message that we are One People, One Nation. His voice was consistent and loud when it comes to repudiating those who tries to divide us along racial and religious lines.

Haris Ibrahim will be missed by all of us who have been involved with the Bersih movement and civil society at large. His life may have been cut short by cancer but his impact on us and the nation will lives on. Thank you Haris Ibrahim, a true Malaysian patriot.

Statement issued by:
The Steering Committee of Bersih