Moving Forward After The Steering Committee Election 2023 and Resignation of Chairperson

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH) held its first meeting of the new Steering Committee (SC) last night to discuss the way forward after the election of the new SC for the term 2023-2025 and the unexpected resignation of newly reelected Chairperson Thomas Fann two days ago.


Fann explained his decision to resign and the SC understand and respect the decision of the Chairperson. It was agreed that a by-election be held as soon as is practicable to fill the vacancy of the Chairperson. An ad hoc Election Committee (EC) will be formed to conduct the election. Notice of the Nomination, Campaign and Polling periods will be announced by the EC to all our Endorsing NGOs in due course.


Outgoing Chairperson Fann gave his assurance that he will remain to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities to the new SC and Chairperson. Fann, who chaired the meeting, then went on to explain the operational structure of the BERSIH team, the roles of each SC members, ongoing programmes and advocacies. Assurances were also given by Executive Director Ooi Kok Hin that the Secretariat would continue its vital role of supporting the new SC as it continues to make BERSIH relevant and impactful in advocating for electoral and institutional reforms.


The new SC expresses its sincere gratitude to all members of the previous SC and Fann for the efforts they put in to steer BERSIH through the tumultuous political period since GE14 till now, overseeing four Prime Ministers in five years, one General Election and multiple state elections and by-elections.


During the five years, BERSIH had commissioned over 20 research reports, published its first book, mounted numerous campaigns and built key allies across the political spectrum. These are the strong foundations that laid from which the new SC can build to take BERSIH to greater heights.


BERSIH is where it is today because of the strong support of the Rakyat and the dedication of the various Steering Committees that have led it in the past. We stand on the shoulders of their labour. This passing of the baton to the new team heralds a new chapter for BERSIH. Hidup Rakyat, hidup demokrasi, hidup BERSIH!


Statement issued by:
The Steering Committee of BERSIH