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Native Customary Rights Are Not A Political Tool

Press Statement, 1 May 2013 Native Customary Rights Are Not A Political Tool BERSIH 2.0’s observation of East Malaysian sources found that candidates had threatened voters with the loss their native customary rights if Barisan Nasional does not acquire a new mandate in the upcoming

Stop Fuelling the Violence

Press Statement, 29 April 2013 Stop Fuelling the Violence BERSIH 2.0 strongly condemns recent incidents of political violence. The 10th day of campaign saw several incidents of political violence related to explosives or homemade bombs at several Barisan Nasional operation centres, namely in Jelapang and

Where are Our Elections Headed?

Press Statement, 25 April 2013 Where are Our Elections Headed?   With the escalating severity of political violence, BERSIH 2.0 questions where our elections are heading to. The Malaysian Police recently announced that a total of 1,056 cases of election-related violence and misdemeanours have been

21 April 2013: Global BERSIH Day of Re-Action!

[youtube id=”3pkFu9DKwIU” width=”600″ height=”350″] The World is Watching, Malaysia: Ensure a clean, free and fair PRU-13 When?  Sunday, 21st April 2013  Where? Worldwide What we are hoping for? 24 hours of online visibility for Bersih highlights, memories, and hopes for the upcoming campaign period to re-focus international attention

The Violence Must StopKeganasan Harus Dihentikan

Press Statement, 18 April 2013 The Violence Must Stop BERSIH 2.0 expresses serious concern over the continued incidences of violence in the run-up to the 13th General Election. The most serious of these incidents involved a man who was reportedly stabbed and assaulted by a