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MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!—Zero political corruption

Bribery, treating and unauthorised spending are so common in any election in living memory, one would think there is nothing wrong with them. But these are actually among the few things clearly spelt out as offences in the law – i.e. the Election Offences Act:

MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!—Enforce a caretaker government

This is a best practice in functioning democracies but is not in Malaysia because…well, when one has governed the country since Independence with many checks and balances eroded, let’s just say the status quo works to its advantage. But actually, the EC has the power under

MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!—Clean electoral roll

The Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on Immigrants in Sabah in 2014 confirmed there were non-citizens in the electoral roll. And data revealed from the election petition for the Likas seat in 2000 shows those doubtful citizens are now registered as voters throughout the country.

MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!—Secure advance voting

Advance and postal voting is like the OSA of Malaysia’s elections. There is limited information on how overseas Malaysians can register and apply to be overseas voters, although the Election Commission allowed overseas Malaysians to vote in 2013. There are also concerns the procedures provide